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The New Caelus Series

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The novel is currently available on as a paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook and as a paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

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What are reviewers saying?

"On the Precipice provides such an in-depth analysis of the characters and the political scenes of Imperium that one could easily see parallels with the politics of Earth. The fragmented nature of politics, the rivalry and backstabbing, the underhanded maneuvers and unwillingness to compromise. Yet MacMahon also reveals the all-too-human side of these politicians, creating a realistic and well-rounded narrative of what it means to be a leader." -Katie Bloomer from BookTrib

"MacMahon puts a lot of imagination and detail into this truly immersive dive into a politically charged universe teetering on the brink of transformation. On the Precipice is a thrilling exploration of power and choice in a society on the edge of change, and I would highly recommend it to science fiction enthusiasts everywhere." -K.C. Finn from Readers' Favorite

"Each of the seven Lord Regents, along with their Prophates, was given some screen time to highlight their backstories and express their motivations. Banner and Liston went at it like politicians, using the media to sway public opinion. It was amazing how the author created this world, with all of the characters and their personal stories. I was truly immersed in this world, always eager to find out what happened next." -Mayang Bature from Online Book Club

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